"Thinking INTO Results" A Business Tune-Up & PM Program NATDA EXCLUSIVE

Designed for Individuals & Business's of all sizes and types in any industry, this "Thinking INTO Results" - Business Tune-Up & Preventative Maintenance 12 Module Program & Course Work is designed to help individuals & employees, Business Owners, Managers or anyone who participates.  Thinking Into Results creates a culture that promotes employee growth in a positive environment where they feel supported and like they are a major contributor to the organization - n competing against others in your industry.  Packed with 12 AMAZING lessons, Live Facilitation & Q&A, Workbooks & "Next Level" M.A.P. Daily Journal and MUCH MUCH MORE, the investment is not in the program, it's in yourself, your people and your success!

Combining over 50 years of research and experience in the personal growth and leadership development industry and over 20 years in corporate and merger acquisition law, leading international coaching specialists Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher team up to create the most powerful transformational program of its kind.

Thinking Into Results is an extraordinary program that presents twelve logical, straightforward and practical lessons that ensure a thriving, success-driven, goal-achieving culture that translates into an exceptional return on investment for any leader.

Designed as a program that can easily be condensed or expanded based on your personal and business needs, Thinking Into Results comprises:

Lesson 1:    A Worthy Ideal
Lesson 2:    The Knowing-Doing Gap
Lesson 3:    Your Infinite Mind
Lesson 4:    The Secret Genie
Lesson 5:    Thinking Into Results
Lesson 6:    Environment is But Our Looking Glass
Lesson 7:    Trample the Terror Barrier
Lesson 8:    The Power of Praxis
Lesson 9:    The Magic Word
Lesson 10:  The Most Valuable Person
Lesson 11:  Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase
Lesson 12:  Magnifying the Mind